Team dynamics

Get your best team

  • Teamdynamik und Teamgeist lassen sich in unseren Coachings fördern

Get your best team

Why not granting your team  a time out for a couple of hours to recover from daily working stress? Do a team-check of the position and efficiency of your team. Take the opportunity to look under the carpet. The coffee-machine in your office has strict maintenance-schedules, your team probably not. If you think you and your employees do not need maintenance you are wrong. You are even more complex and sensitive to interference than any coffee-machine is.


  • team-responsibility replaces self-responsibility
  • team-spirit replaces group pressure
  • team-initiative replaces self-initiative
  • coaching team-dynamic-processes


Opposition and change belong to each other. A good Team leader is a good opposition-manager.  In team-workshops the participants learn to build up a consciousness for the effectiveness of a team by getting to know their own role model,  their type of personality and the preferences of the other team-members and customers better.


INSIGHTS MDI® help you to understand the different preferences and tendencies in a team.  By using the instruments you get a clear look at the structure and the effective cooperation in high performance teams. Process-synergies will be effectively  supported and developed by the use of  INSIGHTS MDI®. By implementing  INSIGHTS MDI® analyses in change-processes you will be able to better understand  the dynamics and culture of an organisation and you will be able to constructively intervene in change processes.