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The  behavior analysis with INSIGHTS MDI® are establishing a perfect base for situation-analysis, developing training- and coaching programmes, as well as building up the career of existing or potential employees.


With  INSIGHTS potential-analysis you get perfect support in recognizing the potentials of your future employees during the selection process  and helping to build up their careers further on. INSIGHTS MDI® is the perfect tool to establish precise requirement profiles for specific positions.


personnel selection: making requirement- and target profiles for functions

  • position-appraisal by comparing the employees with target profiles
  • comparing and developing behavioural patterns of employees
  • team-building  based on different patterns of thinking, deciding and working
  • development of customer-oriented sales strategies
  • development of shortage-oriented development plans of employees


INSIGHTS MDI® promote the further development of ressources and talents as well as the development of integrated and holistic personalities and teams.