Behavioural analysis with INSIGHTS MDI® is the ideal basis for situation-determination, the development of training- and coaching programmes as well as for the successful planning of the career of your existing or potential employees.

Recognizing potentials

INSIGHTS potential-analysis  specifically support you in the detection of potentials when selecting  applicants for jobs and in the design of employee careers. INSIGHTS MDI® enables you to make precise requirements profiles for positions.

Developing employees in a targeted manner

INSIGHTS MDI® promote further development of ressources and talents of employees as well as the development of integrated, holistic personalities and teams.

Performance overview

  • personnel selection: making of requirements-profiles and target profiles
  • location analysis by comparing current state of employees with target-profiles
  • recognition and development of behavioural patterns of employees
  • team-building on the basis of different patterns of thinking and behaviour
  • development of type-oriented sales strategies
  • development of bottleneck strategies for employee development plans

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