Forget average solutions!

Each good trial can be improved. Stagnation is a result of satisfaction and convenience. Our goal is to position your company more efficiently and sustainably in the change processes than your market partners. We are continuously working with you on your bottleneck strategies as well as on your problems  with your employees and clients. Our strength is to move Forward and promote your employees’ competences and capacities.  Our knowledge is not only developed out of books but out of leadership experience. We prefer to cooperate with leaders and managers on the system not within the system.


Dare something!

Coaching  is a measurable long-lasting process. Our coachings is based on meaning-oriented personality- and corporate development. We gathered our international Know-how from University of life instead of theory. We are helping you to develop your competences and capacities for leadership, organisation and implementation in your company. We rouse people to become active. Our job with managers is solution-focused, transparent, confidential with the goal of ambitious aims and manifesting resources.


Focus sustainability and efficiency!

Our approch is based on common sense  and constructive resistance. What we expect from our clients is mutual thinking on partnerhip level, we do not accept alibi-trainings. We are also no entertainers or “advocatus diaboli” for our customers. Our presence-trainings are spontaneous as daily life in business. Often it is not the popular workshops, which are effective.

Intercultural competence

The whole world is market, for you too!

The lack of intercultural communication and organisation mostly prevents companies of conquering new markets.

Our experts in international Human Resource Management and Marketing, Markus Ehrensberger and Manfred Schwaiger, have lived as Expatriates 20 years in different markets. Today they are spending approximately three months a year all over the world in oder to constantly improve their intercultural knowledge and expand their networks. We are advising, coaching and training employees in different matters such as business-travel, how to approach a new market, or how to lead employees originating in other cultures.

Our scope of performance