Stress prevention

Meaning-oriented coaching

  • Geschäftsmann entspannt sich durch Stressprävention

Meaning-oriented coaching

Diamonds are created under pressure – burned-out employees, too. It is a fact that some people do not seem to have problems with even extreme workload. Quite on the contrary they get very successful when put under pressure. The reason is: workload is no synonym for stress. It is not recognized before employees experience their job as useless, accompanied by certain risk-factors, that work can result in stress including all known consequences.


Stress prevention by SCHEELEN® is a web-supported diagnosis-tool to reveal the individual stress-level based exactly on this small but decisive difference.  It precisely enables companies and their employees to reveal stress-relevant patterns of feeling, thinking and acting as well as finding out how useful employees experience their work.


By indentifying individual factors of stress, stability and motivation you – in the long term – will no longer ask too much or too little from your employees but giving them the right quantity of work within their individual personal Frame.