Quality leads to success

  • Pfeile auf Zielscheibe stehen für Punktgenauigkeit bei Sales

Quality leads to success

Each sales- and service team has different potentials: from market analysis, acquistion, … till the closure of a business.

One thing always remains the same: treat your customers in the same way you would like to be treated.


  • creative and personalized sales strategies: increase your speed
  • conversion rates: it is the number of transactions that counts, not the number of visits
  • recommendation marketing: building up and cultivating recommendation networks
  • price discussion: professional preparation and  implementation
  • strategic acquisiton of new customers in saturated markets
  • customer index: lifetime value, recommendation value, loyalty value
  • strategy: acquiring new customers vs. cultivating existing customers
  • solution-oriented dealing with objections, complaints and reclamations of customers
  • process-chain sales: organisation and reduction of time killers


Stop your scattergun approach!  Apply your coaching and training where it is reasonable! We are analysing the status quo of your sales- and service teams  and develop benchmarks and profiles for potential top-sellers in your company.


Relationship competence ist the key to successful sales.  INSIGHTS MDI® offer you a tool to determine the decisive factors of success in sales: the personality of your customers, the personality of the seller and the relationship between buyer and seller. With INSIGHTS MDI® sellers are developing themselves to relationship managers, their sales strategies being exactly in tune with the demands of their customers and their company.