Human Resources Management

War for talents

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War for talents

Find the best employees, train them and keep them in your company!

We are analysing the human resources in your company in detail instead of implementing premature and copied solutions.  After clearly defining your problem we offer individual consulting and training for you, your employees and your teams mono- and intercultural in terms of:


  • leadership: leading by role model and motivation
  • meaning-oriented coaching of owners and managers
  • meaning-oriented instruments of leadership: Y- and X-generation, challenge or risk
  • team-building and -development
  • today colleague tomorrow boss
  • knowledge management: exchanging and anchoring
  • conversation with employees: feedback – correction– warning
  • promotion of high-potentials, average and low-performers
  • corporate identity: identification with tasks, team and company
  • devlopment of human resources concepts: from selection to separation


It is easier to simply accept a situation and keep going than trying to understand and to realize it. Good managers clearly see if their employees try to deceive them or simply play a role and they do not let them be put off course.


Just like in sports: the coach ist not the best Soccer player. He knows his team players and is able to lead them to success, offer them a firm environment and – if necessary – help them to recharge their batteries.